Location Dogs West, 602 Warton Road, Southern River WA 6110

Gail Brindley (WA)

The Nationals Working Party is pleased to announce Gail has accepted an appointment for our Nationals event next year. Gail is, without a doubt, one of the most hardest working members of the WA agility community putting in many, many hours behind the scenes to help the sport in WA.

I entered the dog world through obedience with Rough Collies and competed in Agility in the early days with my tri-colour boy, Voelter Darth Vader CDX.  I became an Obedience Judge in 1985 and have been judging Agility since it first started in Australia, I fell in love with the sport and now only judge Agility. I have watched the evolution of Agility as it went from a limited amount of obstacles that were performed in a somewhat sedate manner to the exciting sport that it is now. I have photos and videos from the early days and remember the 700mm maximum height, the three bar spread and the triple jump, we have certainly evolved for the better.

I have been involved as an attendee at numerous seminars given by international Judges and have seen the enthusiasm and passion from our competitors to listen and put into practice things that they have learnt. This thirst for knowledge and desire for improvement makes the sport so exciting and makes me proud to be involved.
I have judged several times in Singapore and once in Penang many years ago, my judging has taken me around the state of WA many times and to a number of “eastern” states which has allowed me to meet many other agility enthusiasts who I hope to catch up with again in 2020.
I have served on several club committees, Dogwest’s Governing Council and have previously chaired the Measuring Committee, the Obedience Committee, and the Judges’ Training Panel for both Obedience and Agility. I am currently the Chair of the Dogswest Agility Working Party, co-chair of the 2020 National Agility Trial Working Party and also the WA Delegate on the National Agility Committee.
After having numerous breeds including a Sheltie, a Border Collie and several German Shepherds, I bought a Working Kelpie puppy (Marionvale Yoda) in November 2004 and there started the love affair with breed. I’ve always loved going to the Nationals but was unable to attend in 2018 as Yoda was not well and I couldn’t leave him, sadly I lost him in 2018 and miss him but I have three other Kelpies to keep me on my toes.
My children and grandchildren and my work in Human Resources keep me busy, I competed in Agility with my Kelpie, Shrimp (I know…) which for those who know Shrimp was a fairly humbling experience and one that I learnt a lot from.
I am very excited to be judging at the 2020 Nationals in WA and as a member of the organising Working Party I know how much effort has been put into the organisation (and continues to be) to make the event a success.
I look forward to seeing you all here in 2020…I wish you safe travels and happy trialling!!