Location Dogs West, 602 Warton Road, Southern River WA 6110

Scott Fletcher (Vic)

The Nationals Working Party is delighted to introduce (for his first time judging in WA) SCOTT FLETCHER from VICTORIA! Scott will be judging on at least 4 out of the 6 days of our event and we look forward to seeing him for his first and no doubt BIGGEST appointment here in Western Australia. Please make Scott welcome as part of our very appreciated Nationals Judging Panel.

Some words from Scott:

My involvement in dogs dates back to my early childhood with Great Danes, my family breed/showed and judged confirmation for over 50yrs our house was always filled with lots of dogs.
I started in Obedience back in 1992 and then followed into Agility in 1997. I have trialled five Staffordshire Bull Terriers up to Masters level.
Some of my highlights over the years as a competitor has been representing my state of Victoria in the teams advents in the SA, NSW & WA Nationals and also competed in several Victorian Top Dog Agility & Jumping which I won with my BC in 2016.
In 2013 I gained AG CH 400 with my current Stafford (now retired) and also gained AG CH 500 with my Border Collie.  I also have a 600 Border Collie I am training and competing with at the present time.
Due to my love of Agility I decided to give back and become a judge and gained my licence in 2016.  I have had the privilege to judge at lots of trials here in Victoria and Interstate.  I would like to thank the WA Nationals Committee for the appointment to judge.  I wish everyone much success and fun.
I look forward to catching up with fellow competitors I have known for many years and to meet and encourage new competitors and judge their dogs.  Remember to have fun out there and at the end of the day we all take home the best dog.