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The Nationals Working Party and no doubt all of the Agility community across the country are absolutely DELIGHTED to announce OUR MAJOR SPONSOR for the 2020 Perth Agility Nationals. Please welcome the Eukanuba™ team aboard!

EUKANUBA™ were there for the last amazing Agility Nationals in Victoria and they’ll be there again, here in PERTH for Agility Nationals in MAY 2020.  We are incredibly appreciative and thankful for their support in assisting us with hosting and offering the very best ANKC AUSTRALIAN AGILITY NATIONALS EVENT. Encompassing a huge variety of dogs and handlers and showcasing the very best of Australian and New Zealand Agility, EUKANUBA™ is there for all dogs.

Eukanuba™ is all about powering performance with high quality ingredients so that our dogs can achieve their mental and physical best.
Please visit their website to see the range of products available at:  https://www.eukanuba.com.au/


Primal Paws is a fear free Veterinary Practice that considers the body and mind of the Canine Athlete to maximise their potential in the ring, and at home as a companion. There is no one size fits all treatment and each consult is tailored to your dog’s specific needs (and we also take into consideration the owner as well)! We can utilise exercises, massage, tricks, games and manual therapies to make sore dogs feel great again, and make fit dogs stronger, fitter and less prone to injury. We have also started offering behaviour consults to work through problems you may have at training or at home.

We will be offering short consults, Titre testing, and Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound at the Nationals.

We will also have TotoFit, Planet Dog toys and more brands for sale at the Nationals.

We are incredibly proud to be a Gold level sponsor of the WA 2020 Nationals and we look forward to supporting all our past, present and future clients as they play this game at this pinnacle event of the Australian agility calendar year.


What is Antinol?

Antinol is changing dog’s lives for the better.  Antinol is a unique marine lipid concentrate in a highly bioavailable form – or a little power-packed oil-filled capsule which is easily absorbed and being seen as the go-to supplement in the fight against inflammation in our dogs. Antinol contains the full spectrum of all known Omega-3’s including the rare and potent OTAs, ETA and Furan Fatty Acids not found in many other marine sources. Our extraction process gives us a potency and purity difference.

Better health. Better mobility. Better life.

Antinol can be used daily as a natural anti-inflammatory, joint and mobility support and wellness influencer for those looking to be proactive about their dog’s health.  Every aspect of their health can be supported as Antinol works directly via their cells so think not only joints but cognitive/neural support, skin health, cardiovascular and renal support and any other condition influenced by inflammation.

To learn more about Antinol you can;
Join our group – Antinol for dogs being better https://www.facebook.com/groups/antinolfordogsbeingbetter/
You can email us at info@antinol.com.au
Or visit our website http://www.antinol.com.au



KONG is proud to support the 2020 Agility Nationals and wishes all competitors a successful event. 

In 1976 KONG established “the standard” for dog toy performance & durability. KONG toys are recommended by vets, trainers & satisfied customers worldwide. 

KONG has grown proudly and strongly since 1976 into a business that now provides solutions and environmental enrichment for both dogs and cats globally.



Services Offered:

Seminar Organiser – we specialize in organizing seminars by top international and Australian agility handlers and dog trainers. Our own in-house instructor is an Australian certified dog trainer (Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training), as well as an experienced agility handler and UKI agility judge.

Venue Rental – Our agility hall is available for rental to approved groups and experienced agility handlers.

Equipment Sales – We import and sell a variety of agility equipment and dog training aids.

Interpath is a pioneering Australian joint health company specializing in the research and development of advanced, scientifically proven 4CYTE products4CYTE’s signature range, developed for people and animals, represents a breakthrough in the treatment of joint injury and degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Bringing together patented, premium quality natural ingredients with the latest in molecular and cellular biology techniques, 4CYTE products work towards repairing and restoring damaged joints, and actively maintaining joint health. The regenerative power of the exclusive active ingredient, Epiitalis, is a game-changer within the joint health industry, which, in the past, often limited its focus to pain relief and symptom management. As leaders in joint health, our dedication to evolving the science of this field is ongoing. Interpath are deeply proud of the trust our customers place in us to guide them on the path of leading happier, healthier and more active lives.


Paws to Play Vet Rehabilitation is very proud to be a sponsor of the 2020 Agility Nationals, a representation of a highly exhilarating and very demanding sport.

As both a veterinarian and certified canine rehabilitation therapist, I take a different approach to lameness and function examinations in that I assess your canine companion holistically to frame a treatment plan and goal setting approach that best works for you. This ensures you can improve their overall function and performance in day-to-day living as well as in the performance ring.

It has been a privilege for Paws to Play Vet Rehabilitation to treat and learn from the many beautiful canine athletes and you, their amazing owners, over the past few years. I look forward to witnessing you and your great athletes compete in the 2020 Agility Nationals.”
Dr Susan Hill BSc. BVSc. CCRT.


Natural food that is healthy and made with passion from our family team in Albany, Great Southern West Australia.  Southern Raw Pet Meats is a locally owned and family run business.  Our aim is to provide your active pet companion with wholesome raw food and tasty natural treats which will benefit their health/fitness and contribute to their longevity.

All meat and produce, used to create our pet food products, are sourced within West Australia, and all ingredients are 100% natural. Our products are free of preservatives with no added fillers, colours, flavours or chemicals.

We manufacture and package all our products directly from our Albany Facility. Our products come conveniently packaged in quality sealed bags to guarantee their freshness. Raw Meat, Raw Bones and our Dried Treats are available in a range of sizes and meat varieties.

The Southern Raw Pet Meats team is thrilled to be sponsoring a WA event that is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership. Dogs West and their competitors have a passion for working with dogs of all breeds, a keen focus to build on their personal relationships with their fur companions. By sponsoring the National agility trials we will get the opportunity to meet fellow dog enthusiasts from interstate and work on building long-lasting relationships with some very skilled individuals.

Southern Raw Pet Meats
Proudly West Australian Owned and Run

SkinnyDog Pet Treats creates natural pet treats made from ethically sourced local produce. Our treats are single ingredient and don’t include any additives, preservatives or growth hormones.  SkinnyDog began when co-founders Danielle and Sarah realised there were few, if any, ethically sourced, natural pet treats available in Western Australia. Not only were they concerned about the health of their own pets, but also the treatment of the animals used to make the treats – and thus, SkinnyDog was born!  All our treats are manufactured by hand from our Perth hills property in small batches to guarantee their freshness. We work closely with local suppliers to ensure we’re sourcing the best quality products to create tasty treats your dogs will love.  Between them, Sarah and Danielle have over 10 years of involvement with agility in Western Australia. Zari, Danielle’s dog and one of the original ‘skinnydogs’, was National Champion at the 2016 Nationals in South Australia, the first Saluki in Australia to achieve this title. We are so excited to be supporting and competing in the nationals in our home state in 2020, and look forward to five amazing days building relationships with fellow agility lovers from around the country. SkinnyDog Pet Treats are available online at www.skinnydogpettreats.com where we ship Australia wide, or in our store in Nedlands and other stockists around WA.

We are delighted to support the ANKC National Agility Trial 2020 and hope everyone involved enjoys getting out and getting active with their dogs for the love of it.  We look forward to seeing you all at the event, where competitors and spectators alike can check out our Zen-paws Zone for dogs and people.


At Active Pet Rehab we love working with dedicated pet owners so you can enjoy more active time with your fur buddies.  We believe in a team approach and build rehabilitation and exercise programs for your pets on referral from your vet, to assist in their recovery from injury or disease. We also help with wellbeing management by providing your pets weight loss and senior pet exercise programs.

We provide professional, effective and easy rehabilitation solutions for your pets so you can enjoy more fun time with them and spend less time worrying about them.

Check ACTIVE PET REHABILITATION out at the following links:
Website: https://www.activepetrehab.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/activepetrehab/
Email: info@activepetrehab.com


PATS (Perth Animal Training Specialists) was established in 2016 and has become one of Perth’s Top Behaviour Centres for the training of all Companion Animals.

Operating from our state of the art training centre in Wangara, PATS are able to provide a wide range of training services to suit a diversity of needs for our clients. Our mission is to develop trusting relationships between animal and owner resulting in rewarding partnerships with their companions. We are the only organisation in Perth to offer a Snake Avoidance Program utilising the art of positive reinforcement and we continue to develop all our programs to meet the needs of our clientele.



The WA Agility Nationals 2020 provides a unique opportunity for companies, businesses big and small to have direct access to agility enthusiasts, competitors, supporters, pet owners and spectators from all over Australia.

This Bi-Annual – 6 day event offers a wide range of sponsorship and marketing packages to showcase your products and services from the time you sign up. This could mean advertising for up to 12 mths prior to the event.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity and have a presence at this amazing event in Perth WA May 2020, please contact Gina OKeefe. email ginao@westnet.com.au or PM .

We look forward to working with you!